Nitrogen Membrane Solution
  • The nitrogen produced by our systems can be used for many purposes
  • Tailored for high humidity and temperature environments.
  • A single mobilization minimises transport costs, rig up / rig down time and environmental footprint.
  • Maximizes fuel efficiency and ease of maintenance.
  • Mobile Nitrogen Membrane Units
    • Made in the USA - 1500 to 3000 scfm
    • For a 3,000 SCFM (180k SCFH) Unit, 1 hour delivers the equivalent of just under 2,000 gals of liquid nitrogen
    • Purity up to 99.99%, standard 95%
    • Trailer or skid mounted
    • Small operational team –

1 field operations manager and
2 operators per unit

  • The membrane system is a modular design and comprises of the following individual components;
    • Primary Compression units
    • Membrane Nitrogen Separation Unit
    • Booster up to 5,000 PSI  (if required)
    • Electrical Generator